Hong Kong Anti-Mask Riot – Will this Become a Worldwide Contagion?

The protest in Hong Kong over remove all masks has a deeper concern which has sparked the most violent protests yet. China’s “social compliance ranking” is an AI system that is based on facial recognition software. The deep concern is that this new law is to identify who the people are and then arrest them quietly.

Two months ago in Vancouver, the local paper reported on what was going on with local Hong Kong protests. As many know, Vancouver has been the migration spot for Chinese after the British ceded HK. The Chinese-Canadians were traditionally pro-democracy. However, as China’s power has grown, so has a pro-homeland perspective among some expat Chinese.

Consequently, the pro-democracy protesters were met by the opposition who have been taking pictures of all the faces of the pro-democracy activists. This is what sparked the wearing of masks.

The five demands that the HK protesters had, may actually be eclipsed by the mask issue for that seems to be the real core of the concerns. Have governments gone too far is demanding to know what everyone says, does, and thinks?

As of December 1st, 2019, if you want a new phone number in China, you must submit to have your face scanned. Facial recognition is being used to identify every person.

Many are now saying that because privacy no longer exists, people will have to ban together and fight even harder. That’s an interesting take on the future. Are we watching a riot that is setting new standards that will emerge worldwide? The American Revolution set off a contagion of anti-monarchy. Even where monarchs retained the title, they lost the power as in Britain. Are we witnessing a contagion in the making?

Is the only solution that all governments must realize that privacy should be restored? Is this what the War Cycle is really forecasting with the sharp rise in civil unrest on a global scale which turned up in 2014? Just maybe the HK Anti-Mask uprising is hitting on something we all never considered – the other side of no privacy.

We have a lot of clients on both sides of this issue. Here are other comments to be fair:



Martin, please tell your blog visitors who live in Honk Kong and/or China that the protesting youth are fighting a very needful fight and they are far more purposeful than just being out of control. They know what China’s rule is really like and they are scared s***less it will happen to them!

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Thank you for touching upon the HK Madness right now.

Would you kindly also share some tips/opinion of what average Hkers can do to protect themselves? Besides from holding USD?

Looking forward to Orlando.

Thank YOu.


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