Forex Trading into 2021

QUESTION: Hi Martin,

I have been following you for about 5 years now and have been to 2 WECs. At the beginning of last year, I ventured into the forex markets with limited experience and some speculative money. I’ve have been adding money to my forex accounts over this time and thanks to you and Socrates I have just about doubled my money over this time frame. Now my forex accounts have become more than speculative money for me. I have been really looking forward to riding this dollar rally wave into the monetary crisis cycle into 2021/22 but some for your recent posts regarding the liquidity and European banking crisis brewing has given me pause. I have been planning on taking money out of my forex accounts gradually to at least withdraw all my seed money but naturally, my concern is the safety of the forex markets or brokers in regards to the crises ahead. Do forex brokers have any particular risk in the liquidity and European banking crises?

Thank you for all you do!


ANSWER: That is hard to answer. It all depends on the broker and where are they — Europe or America. I suspect you are talking about America. It depends upon the firm.

We are in a position where there is a crisis on the horizon and we will see a hard landing outside the USA. The impact of a European banking crisis can send the dollar significantly higher. The risks for accounts will be in Europe, for there are no bailout policies and others will claim that these policies would only bailout out the rich. So politically, Europe would present the far greater risk into 2021.


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