Are the Democrats Doomed in 2020?

The latest ruckus behind the curtain is that the whispers are turning into screams. The big donors to the Democratic Party have almost unanimously put the Democratic Party on notice that they will sit this one out or even donate to Trump if the party nominates either Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders.

Based on very RELIABLE sources, those who normally donate to Democrats in New York City are not going to donate ANYTHING that would help AOC get reelected. In fact, they seem to be suggesting they will donate to the Republican challengers against those in the “squad” for they believe they are destroying the Democratic Party.

What is interesting is we have had inquiries from the Democratic side asking if our computer is still forecasting the demise of the Democratic Party. AOC and the squad have usurped the Democratic Party and have become the face of what it stands for, which is only confirmed by the rise of Elizabeth Warren against Joe Biden.

All our political models are looking very grim for the Democrats moving forward. There is even a very high risk that the party will fragment over this issue of extreme left to moderate liberal. Even all the bankers donated to Hillary last time but not Trump. This time, they are also indicating there will be no donations if Bernie or Pocahontas is the nominee. In 2016, Goldman Sachs went as far as banning senior staff from donating to Trump. They too may not be donating if Pocahontas is the nominee.

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