Greta & Mother Living Lavishly?

The latest rumor running around Europe is based on this photo of Greta Thunberg and her mother living above normal European standards of living, sitting in posh or elegant and stylishly luxurious chairs. Greta’s speeches appear to be written by Jennifer Morgan of Greenpeace. They had Greta further their Marxist agenda saying:

“Our biosphere is being sacrificed so that rich people in countries like mine can live in luxury. It is the sufferings of the many which pay for the luxuries of the few.”

Greta was an adviser to We Don’t Have Time and it was alleged to have been a covert partnership with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, Ingmar Rentzhog’s We Don’t Have Time was alleged to have used Greta’s image to gain funds for his firm, according to Climate Change Dispatch. Greta’s family denied being aware that she would be used to raise money for Mr. Rentzhog’s organisation and is said to have cut her ties with that organization.

Greta’s travel to Alberta inflamed serious  passions from both sides of the climate change agenda. She appeared to have been accompanied by her parents. She claims her mother gave up her career because she had to fly often, which harmed the climate, but they had no problem hopping on a plane to Canada.

What is clear is that Al Gore and Jennifer Morgan of Greenpeace do collaborate together and it has been Morgan who accompanies Greta even to Davos. Some argue that Al Gore is taking care of Greta and her family through Greepeace. That remains speculation right now unless you can get a court to order Greta & her family’s financial records to see how they are earning a living when her mother quit her career to save the planet because she had to travel for work.

Swedish journalist Henrik Alexandersson also claimed that Miss Thunberg’s much-reported speech delivered at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poland in December 2018 was delivered to an empty room. Nobody has any photos to confirm or deny that allegation. It has been argued that Greta’s school strike coincided with the launch of a book about climate change written by her mother, who is the well known opera singer Malena Ernman, according to Swiss magazine Die Weltwoche

Time Magazine named Greta person of the year without any investigation into who is writing the speeches she will often stand up and read as she did at Davos.

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