Media Conspiracy that the Washington Post & NY Times Declined to Join

What is fascinating is the revelation that mainstream media has indeed conspired with the group led by Greenpeace to sell climate change. This includes the top names like CBS, Bloomberg, BuzzFeed, HuffPost, The Daily Beast, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Slate, Vanity Fair, and even the Weather Channel. However, both the left-leaning Washington Post and New York Times actually declined to participate in a project. They apparently were afraid that the conspiracy to sell climate change was really an activist movement in nature.

The depths of this media climate change conspiracy was itself hidden by the mainstream media, for they never reported that they had joined an effort linked with Greenpeace to their readers. They were reporting climate change and disregarded anything to the contrary. On top of that, they did not disclose the grand coalition to engage in fake news and an activist conspiracy.

The general polls now in Germany show that about one-third of the people no longer trust the mainstream media. This is part of the decline and fall of civilization. The press has taken the idea that the press must be free and flipped it upside down to justify their own conspiracy to push their personal agenda.

The days of honest journalism are long gone, along with honest politicians.

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