Trump & Fed Meet – Why?

The unannounced meeting between the Fed and Trump was a briefing on the Repo Crisis BECAUSE the real crisis cannot be discussed publicly. I have not been getting much sleep lately. This is a very serious crisis and all the BS on TV of these pretend analysts giving their two cents is really amazing. They are making up stuff and speculating because they have no idea how the global economy truly functions and they do not advise institutions. They do not understand the risks for year-end and calling this QE proves they do not understand what is taking place.

There are too many people trying to sound authoritative when they are clueless. Yet they seem to have to say something to pretend they know what is going on when all they are doing is creating confusion. We have more institutional clients around the globe on every side than anyone would imagine. We are in the front row with real live clients in the middle of this issue.

I appreciate the severity of this crisis. Requests to attend board meetings I have only been available by phone. I simply cannot fly all over the place. I really wish I could just come out and spill the beans, but this situation is too critical at this point and I fear that if someone does not blink here, we are headed into a global political contagion.

This is why a deal had to be tentatively arranged with China on trade. There are politicians out of the loop and this whole thing which is way too far above their heads to even grasp an understanding.


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