Vaccines & Illegal Aliens Causing a Health Crisis?

COMMENT #1: I am about your age. 35 years ago my niece died 10 days after receiving the MMR vaccine at 18 months old. 2 years prior her sister nearly died 10 days after receiving the MMR vaccine, still with a disability. I asked many Doctors was it the vaccine they all said no. I found a Doctor in New Jersey and paid for a consultation and he said, of course, it was the vaccine, but he would not put in writing. My children never received the MMR vaccine and they both had measles. The Documentary Vaxxed documented the CDC Scientist, Williams Thompson covered up the risk to the MMR vaccine. Keep talking about this important subject.

Thank you.


COMMENT #2: Hi Marty
The vaccine issue is complex and multi-faceted. As an RN I concur that the pharmaceutical lobby has a powerful grip on most medical providers in terms of incentives and kickbacks which in itself is corrupt. Big Pharma spends a lot of money to sway Congress to adopt laws that benefit their industry. It always comes down to money.

The other aspect which plays into the mix is illegal immigration. These children are entering the US with NO VACCINE/HEALTH RECORDS…so we do not know their history or what diseases they have had or are immune to. They may be harboring previously eradicated illnesses that have not been seen in first world countries for decades and/or illnesses that are not native to the US.

The government is well aware of that risk, and their answer is to vaccinate ALL CHILDREN. The vaccine issue and the illegal immigration issue go hand in hand. Until one issue is solved the other issue will persist. Corruption is rampant and nobody wants to deal with it honestly.

Btw, I signed up for Socrates and may be moving to your neck of the woods in 2020. Trying to escape NYC which is another can of worms!


COMMENT #3 (From Australia): Martin,

Years ago, when our older children were toddlers, my wife did a ton of vaccine research, and we discussed her findings. We decided that we would opt out of Pertussis or Send hooping Cough (since the risk of severe side effects was sufficient for the government to have set up a relief fund for children adversely affected by the vaccine) and opt for the dead Polio vaccine since the live Polio vaccine runs a “slight” risk of Polio infection.

We changed pediatricians when we broached the subject with her because she was so adamant against it. We have heard horror stories about doctors bringing Child Protective Services in against parents on medical matters where doctors’ “livelihoods” are at stake, so we decided to part ways before things got nasty.

Even at other pediatricians, we had to special order the dead Polio vaccine because all that was typically carried was the live vaccine. Nurses looked at us like we were from another planet (we were–the non-socialist one). Anyway, we stuck to our guns.

In 1994, there was an outbreak of Pertussis in our church. Many children (including our only two children at the time) and several adults got it. Pertussis is a nuisance, but not very dangerous except for infants and the elderly. The strange thing is that the outbreak began with a girl right after she was immunized, and the pastor’s daughter, who was “immunized”, also came down with it.

Later, we discovered that the live Polio vaccine had been discontinued in favor of the dead vaccine. Apparently enough other parents saw the “slight” risk of infection as unacceptable.

Our next two children had very mild cases of Pertussis at 4 and 2. When one of our other children turned four, we decided that we would rather not risk another case with her. When we asked our pediatrician (yet another one, for we had moved) about the vaccine, she got up, closed the door, turned, and asked us, “Why are you vaccinating this child against Pertussis?” She proceeded to tell us what we already knew from my wife’s research years before. We smiled and knew we had found the right pediatrician.

She became a missionary to Australians in the bush.

Keep up the good work, and if I don’t say so before then, Merry Christmas to you, your family, and your staff!


P.S., when the Chicken Pox vaccine came out, a friend of mine had their daughter immunized. This child was developmentally normal in every way. That night she became largely unresponsive. She did eventually get some interaction back but is largely Autistic to this day. She lives in her own little world, although is occasionally extremely affectionate even toward strangers. She had to be watched constantly because she doesn’t understand the dangers of life. It is very sad.

COMMENT #4: I have a small business near DC and one of my repeat clients came in to buy something for the holidays. He is a no-nonsense guy from Montana. As we were talking, I asked him what he did for a living. He said he was a lawyer and when I asked which area he specialized in, he said “vaccine cases.” I was surprised having only heard in the press about the rebellious backward-thinking folks that are stupid enough to refuse vaccines.

His whole career, it turns out, is representing the terribly sad stories of children adversely affected by reactions to vaccines. We talked a while and he explained the immunity granted to the vaccine companies. He said “Congress is well aware there are serious problems with vaccines. That is why they set up a fund in the 1980s specifically to pay off vaccine lawsuits.” Yikes! Really?!

Seeing my interest, he added that his second-largest client base in recent years is representing those who have reactions to flu shots and the various levels of paralysis and persistent pain that folks experience from improperly administered flu shots. Many poorly trained folks at the neighborhood drugstore, supermarket, or wherever, give improperly administered flu shots that end up penetrating the bursa layer of the shoulder and the resulting pain, in the form of chronic bursitis, often lasts without relief for years. Some folks have nerve issues, some can’t raise or use their arm. The pain is often intense and never-ending.

I had no idea! He said a flue shot properly administered by a professional would not likely have issues, but after all the things he’s seen, he wasn’t a big believer that the strain of flu the flu shot protected you from was likely to be the one you’d come in contact with and catch anyway. As it is now, without them knowing a year ahead which strain to make the vaccine for, it is not worth the risk he said. They had so many flu shot cases in his office they referred to a new one as “another Walgreen’s case.” Just thought you might want to mention to your loyal readers- if they are getting a flu shot, to get it from an actual doctor or nurse.

Thank you for all of your amazing work, insights, and the knowledge you share.


COMMENT #5: Martin, you are on the right track on vaccines. Perhaps one of your researchers could look into this. I think you will find it interesting. One thing about people is their different genetics and due to genetic differences, some are not able to detox as well as others. A doctor in Virginia found this applied to molds. Some people have a really hard time and are sick in moldy houses while others are not. He found the sick ones had differences in genes from those that were okay with mold. He concluded the sick ones were prevented by their genetic structure from detoxing the mold toxins.

How does this relate to vaccines? The ones affected may not be able to detox well due to genetics. While genetics can be tested for, nobody is doing it in relation to detoxing and vaccines (I am not in the field so maybe they are, I wouldn’t really know for sure.) In the 1990s, at least in Canada, the government and vaccine companies took the mercury out of children’s vaccines. It was done quietly with no announcements.

My belief on this is that they found out the mercury in the vaccines was actually responsible for the increased autism in children and maybe other illnesses as well. The reason? Some children can detox the mercury and others can’t, and when they can’t it builds up and causes all kinds of problems including autism symptoms or maybe even autism itself.

Again, I am just a layperson and can’t prove any of this. But why did they take the mercury out for children’s vaccines? They were giving so many vaccinations to children in the 1990s compared to before which is caused by a flurry of health problems in children. Why did they allow mercury in the vaccines in the first place? It is called thimerosal. Well, it is because they then can have multiple doses in one vial and it costs less to have multiple doses in one vial instead of one vial per dose.

Governments are approving all this. In Canada, thimerosal is still in the flu vaccine and governments are okay because it costs less and flu vaccines are paid for by the government. But one can still get the non-mercury flu vaccine through some doctors but it costs extra for the patient.

I personally have no problem with vaccines including those with mercury. I detox well. But some people including in my family don’t detox well. For the parents of children now, how can they find out if their children detox well before giving them the vaccines?

Is anyone really talking about this? I appreciate your blog and hope you can find some help in exploring this subject and blowing it wide open. You have the resources to do this, which I don’t have. I’d do it if I could. Children are being sacrificed unnecessarily. We have the medical technology to do the testing but it is not being done.

Will genetic testing and screening help? I can’t prove it but there is enough information and work done to suggest it should be investigated.


REPLY: This vaccine crisis is worldwide. Most vaccines carry a risk where you can contract the very disease that the vaccine seeks to prevent, albeit this happens in a small percentage of cases. But there are numerous cases on a worldwide basis. There should be more studies, for even in economics and physics there is the superposition principle where two cyclical waves exactly opposite of each other can cancel each other out. However, when two waves in the same direction join, that is when you get the rogue wave. These are basic principles in physics that apply to disease as well.

Any medicine often has instructions not to mix with other medicines. That seems to be missing from vaccines. Their 100% immunity from legal action is WRONG for it prevents them from finding out the solution.

Those who try to paint parents who do not trust vaccines as crazy people will usually point to the medical, pharmaceutical establishments, and mainstream media, are all in unison in their message that there are no real dangers with vaccines. We all know that the press can be bought and the pharmaceutical industry would not need absolute immunity if there was nothing to worry about. As for the medical industry, there are doctors who speak out behind the curtain and will warn you that the pharmaceutical industry is so powerful they can shut you down and even remove licenses. We all know how honest the bankers are and how banks that blew up the entire world economy 2007-2010 are also exempt from any prosecution.

I am well aware of the problem of allowing illegal aliens. Prosecutors are only interested in their careers. To prosecute someone, all other safeguards are eliminated. While in contempt of court, I contracted a parasite that went into my left eye. When I explained it to the doctor, she said I was wrong and didn’t know what I was talking about. Such things, she said, only existed in South America. Well, the vision in my left eye to this day is damaged. I was denied all medical attention by the government. When I got out, I saw a specialist in imported diseases. He just looked at my blood work and said you have a parasite. It took maybe three minutes. Allowing people from South America to come in has been importing diseases that were eradicated here decades ago.

There has to be some middle ground. The number of people writing in with horror stories is really mind-blowing. The doctors do not want to put it in writing because they are afraid of getting sued. This vaccine conspiracy is the same as global warming. They try to demonize anyone who opposes them.

The Democrats have demonized Trump as a racist over these illegal aliens. To cover up the crises of importing diseases, they then mandated vaccines. Once again, this comes back to politicians opposing Trump, and hiding the risk of importing diseases as a result.

I strongly suggest that everyone write to Trump. The reason the establishment hates Trump is that he cannot be bought. That is where to begin. It could become a campaign issue in 2020 if enough people write to the White House.

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