Greta Thunberg When She Can’t Read a Script from Greenpeace


Greta has been named “Person of the Year,” which is supposed to be a great honor. Of course, TIME is not without their flaws since in 1938 they also named Adolf Hitler the person of the year for his extraordinary economic revitalization. They also made Merkel as person of the year in 2015 because she let in the refugees, a decision which has threatened Europe and now she has admitted finally she was wrong with the refugees.

TIME has completely failed to investigate the fact that Greta is not much when she is without a script prepared for her by Jennifer Morgan at Greenpeace, most likely seconded by Al Gore.

The exploitation of Greta is really child abuse. These people will do anything and make up statistics to stop the Industrial Revolution. They want 100% electric cars without any consideration of how to generate that much electricity.

The claims that Greta delivered her famous UN speech to an empty room remains suspicious. There are no photographs to prove there was an audience nor did anyone take a photo to show the room was empty.

Then there was the recent claim she sat on the floor in a German train. The DB Rail company responded that she had a first-class ticket and conceded that she did not sit on the floor for the entire trip. Thunberg claims she doesn’t fly on planes because it’s considered harmful to the climate. However, she flew to Canada to try to intervene in the election since you cannot take a train from Sweden to Canada.  Anyone who travels in Germany by train knows they are overcrowded and they keep selling tickets with no seats. I too have had to stand between stops and then you get a seat even with a first-class ticket which Greta also bought, or should I say Greenpeace bought. Trains are not very efficient and the climate activists want to end air travel within Europe without the infrastructure to handle the travel.

The question is just how long will this continue without any investigation into what would be a criminal fraud in any other field. The banks were fined for putting out fake research to support the Bubble in 2002. Here we have countless fake research moving the start dates to pretend there is global warming, which amounts to a snapshot of the Dow for one week, and proclaiming that is the major trend that will never end.

Trump should order the Justice Department to at least investigate this massive fraud upon the public.

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