Year of Change – 2020

QUESTION: This is the year of the Rat. It has often been the year of economic change. Do you realize the next year will be 2032?

any comment?

ANSWER: The year of the Rat is interesting. Yes, it seems to align closely with change, but not always that year. Often it has been the year before. The year of the Rat is 2020 and 2032, which is curious indeed. The year 1924 was really the beginning to the economic boom in the USA. 1936 was the year before the peak and crash in 1937. The year 1948 was the year before the first round of devaluations in Bretton Woods. The year 1960 was when JFK was headed to the White House. The year 1972 really began set in motion the floating exchange rate after Nixon closed the gold window in August 1971. Then 1984 was the year before the Plaza Accord and the birth of G5. The next target was 1996, one year before the 1997 Asian Currency Crisis. Of course, 2008 was the Crash that changed everything. Here we have 2020 and then 2032. We are showing major changes unfolding on these targets.

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