We do not Send Advertising Emails to Subscribers

Some people have replied saying they do not subscribe to the site to get updates assuming we are like everyone else and you will be blasted with endless solicitations to buy something.

We Do Not Send Ads Out To

Those Subscribing to the Site Posts

We respect your privacy. We do not sell our email lists. We do not sell advertising in the emails we send, or on this site. This is a public service site, where the vast majority of our content is free to access without charge. We do not make recommendations to banks, brokers or otherwise for kickbacks.

I personally disagree with the business model of certain technology companies out there selling your private info to advertisers when you pay for a product. If I am willing to pay for a version of software, I should be able to TURN OFF all updates and block the tracking of what I am doing.

We respect your privacy – others should do the same.

Outside of blog posts, the ONLY notices we send out regarding our events or products (reports / videos) are sent to those who have previously attended an event, purchased tickets to a future event, purchased a product, or have otherwise asked to be notified of our events and/or products. If the only thing you’ve signed up for are blog post alerts, then that is the only thing you should receive.

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