Putin Explains the Importance of the Minsk Agreement to Zelensky (2019)


Putin was deeply involved in securing the Minsk Agreement long before Zelensky came to power. Although people are calling the current attack on Ukraine unprovoked, Putin attempted to achieve some diplomatic relations with Ukraine regarding the Donbas region and Russian-speaking Ukrainians years ago. Above is a conference in Normandy with Macron, Merkel, Zelensky, and Putin. He directly states that any revision to the Minsk Agreement would “create a situation where nothing can be done.”

Putin also points out to Zelensky that 38% of Ukrainian citizens speak Russian. “I would like to point out that 38 percent of Ukrainian citizens regard themselves as Russian speakers. However, all of the so-called Russian schools will convert to the Ukrainian language starting next year. By the way, as far as I know, the other [national minority] schools – Hungarian, Romanian and Polish – are to start the process in 2023. As if there are more Hungarian speakers than Russian speakers in Ukraine. You must admit that this raises questions to which we have no answers.” Putin admitted to Zelensky that he felt his policies were directly targeting Russians in Ukraine. This has been a topic that Putin has discussed countless times over the years. While the media portrays Putin as a madman for wanting to “liberate” Ukraine, his line of thinking has been public knowledge for a long time and may even be masked behind ill-judged good intentions.

Zelensky now cries that Putin refuses any diplomatic discussions years after the conversation should have begun. Zelensky declined to meet Putin halfway on any negotiations. He had the unofficial backing of the West as they also wanted to punish Russia and prevent it from becoming a major player on the world stage. No one took Putin or his concerns seriously. The attack on Ukraine is Putin’s response to feeling backed into a corner by Zelensky and his Western “allies.”

Putin’s full quote on the matter: “Mr. Zelensky and I have different positions on this issue. Our position is very simple: we stand for the implementation of the Minsk Agreements. The Minsk Agreements say – you can read it for yourself – that Ukraine will be able to start restoring control over that territory, over that section of the border on day one after the local elections. This is what it says. And this process should end after the completion of a comprehensive political settlement. This is what the text of the agreement says. Why should the Minsk Agreements be reopened and revised? All the measures set out in that package are interconnected. If we revise one of them, this will lead to the revision of others and we will lose the agreements and create a situation where nothing can be done. This is our logic, and I believe that it is justified.”

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