The Hatred & Stupidity of Politicians

Britain and Europe are flirting now with the same actions the US took during World War II – they are coming dangerously close to now creating internment camps for Russians based solely upon their nationality. Britain froze billions of Russian oligarchs’ assets and issued travel bans effectively coming close to creating imprisonment. The Chelsea Russian owner, Roman Abramovich, Oleg Deripaska, and five other Russian “oligarchs” which are now defined as anyone with money, who are worth £15 billion, have been banned from entering the country by the UK for having “blood on their hands.”

The British government has announced sanctions against Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and six other oligarchs and Secretary of State Liz Truss said the “blood of the Ukrainian people” is on the hands of those associated with Putin.

The stupidity of politicians like Truss is just off the charts. They live in a fantasy world where they think this is a one-sided game and they are demigods of unlimited power. Russia can simply;y seize all Russian assets held by foreigners. These morons are clueless as to the COMPLEXITY that exists in the world economy. When Russia fell into the hands of the Communists, that ended trade with the West. Russia became isolated but its own choice and thus there was a wave of shortages and economic crisis that swept through Europe. Europeans were forced to turn to America for food and the cost of importing food from great distances led to civil unrest, rising tempers, and that all combined into World War II.

This is the worst possible crop of world leaders I think in human history. Even in Japan, they have suddenly banned ponytails on girls because they excite some men sexually. I suppose they never looked at people having all sorts of different fetishes. They say a foot fetish is very common. So perhaps all feet must be covered and then what is next – burkas because just the sight of a girl may excite a boy?

Welcome to the world of Political Insanity. There seems to be no end in sight. It is politicians who have the blood of billions who have died in the name of their wars over the last 6,000 years. In Hitler’s speech declaring war on the United States he motivated the crowd saying:

“In September 1939 I assured you that neither force nor arms nor time would overcome Germany. I will assure my enemies that neither force of arms nor time nor any internal doubts, can make us waver in the performance of our duty.”

It is always the politicians who spill the blood of society. This is by no means a once-sided event. There is blame that history will attribute to all sides.

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