Zelensky Keeps Trying to Create WWIII

QUESTION #1: When I read today that while addressing the Italian Parliament, Zelensky reported that the Russians were “capturing and torturing children” my propaganda antenna went up and the BS detector went off. If true, that is atrocious and a war crime. Putin is crazy but that seems hard to fathom. It would seem like good propaganda for Zelensky to use to prompt NATO to get involved (which as you have noted repeatedly would surely start WW III). Maybe it is Zelensky’s Hail Mary pass?

Anyway, what were your thoughts when this was reported and what do you hear from your Ukrainian sources on this topic? Is this true?


QUESTION #2: Marty, I find it amazing that your computer pinpoint Ukraine back in 2013. But you also said when this started that it would not be a quick in and out event. Then you said it was Zelensky who would create World War III. OK. I watched Zelensky address the Italian Parliament. He said Russian were torturing children. He is trying to paint Russians as animals. Zelensky keeps saying a lot of shit and it is all to send the world into war that will be nuclear. This man is pure evil. Do you have any timeline worked out yet?


QUESTION #3: How can the West support Ukraine when you have doctors ordering that Russian soldiers who are prisoners of war should be castrated? I’m sorry. But I see this as the pot calling the kettle black.


COMMENT #4: Zelensky Says He Wants Talks With Putin, Failure Means ‘Third World War’My Comment: No, it doesn’t Zelensky.
What it means is a Third World War of Words and Pictures equal to failure-failure. It’s a ‘Vietnam’ of no win-win for both.I watched the CNN GPS Zelensky interview too and was aghast at the war commercial produced by Zelensky’s ‘Dogs of War’ to romanticize and legitimize his demagoguery. It reminded me of the 1984 Apple commercial. Zelensky’s commercial is embellished with platitudes that reveal the naïve approach he’s taken with Ukraine and the lives of innocent Ukrainians. The mind behind the “The Third World War” scapegoat.There won’t be any last man standing to credit with victory. There will only be repentance and regret that you Zelensky broke faith with established agreements. Anyone who encourages Zelensky in this kind behaviour encourages a man who believes he’s more than what he is.….

I read the Toronto Star’s Saturday March 19, 2022 Edition, Front Page article ‘What drove them” by Justin Ling.

My Comment: Referring to ‘Klaus Schwab/WEF’ as a conspiracy theory brings into question the rest of what has been written in the article including Justin Ling’s ability to understand what he is writing about. ‘Klaus Schwab/WEF’ is not a conspiracy. It’s a fact. To use a newsie phrase from the past “READ ALL ABOUT IT!” It’s all there in plain sight to read and understand.

COMMENT #5: The madman is not Putin, it is Zelensky. Why should this man sacrifice my family here in Ohio for his hatred of Russians? If anyone should be assassinated, it is Zelensky to save the world.


COMMENT #6: I could never fully understand why Americans hated Russia so much. In 1991, when I was 17 years old, a senior in high school, I traveled to Russia with a group of classmates in my economics class just as the USSR fell. I actually saw them change the flag from USSR to Russia. I remembered thinking this must be an important moment to witness in history.I never felt threatened while there. And I was very intrigued by the Russian winter swimmers called “walruses” who would swim in the ice cold water. They would practice all year in ice-cold baths, and I thought to myself wow, that really takes a lot of discipline to do that.

The Hermitage museum was absolutely gorgeous with the malachite columns and gold-leafed crown molding. We visited many major tourist destinations such as St Basil Cathedral, the Hermitage Museum, Moscow, saw Swan Lake, and ate at restaurants.  We stayed through New Years and because Russia at that time did not have an age-limit for drinking that served us copious amounts of vodka that my classmates happily drank and got drunk. I stayed sober…was not interested in getting drunk or drinking vodka, but it was interesting to see this American teenagers celebrating New Years in Russia.

Even though I think we saw probably the best parts of Russia, I felt Russia was a poor country when we visited. A few young children ran up to us begging for money, and there was just a lack of variety of foods to eat and things to buy at the shopping malls. Remnants of a communist country. Moscow was so bland and stark. And it was very cold, but I bought a Russian wool hat, which I loved wearing around. It was so warm!

Ever since then I followed Russia on and off, and with the fall of communism there it was very interesting to see their change and development in the arts and culture. I liked Maria Sharapova, tennis player, and I befriended a Korean-Russian while I lived in Korea during 1998. She was a Russian-born Korean and only spoke Russian and Korean. Fascinating to meet someone like that.

I thought it was always the idea of communism versus capitalism that Americans were at odds with, that Americans were in favor of freedom and democracy. I understand you, it is tragic to see what is happening in America. Americans really are no longer to good guys today with the election fraud. When Joe Biden took office, I literally cried (shed tears).

But you know, the sun comes up every day and when the sun shines, I feel happy. I try to do my part and not hate Russians. I find the country interesting. It is hard to see the other side when there is so much propaganda. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights on what is going on in the world. You do so much good. Your thoughts are very much needed in today’s world.

Thank you.

COMMENT #7: Now Biden is out saying the US must lead the new world order. Someone had better arrest the people writing these words he is reading.




ANSWER: I am sorry, but Zelensky is an actor who even played a president. He was hired to bring the world to war and has done NOTHING that he promised to get elected. The audacity to claim he should get the Noble Peace Prize is just propaganda when he has put not just Ukraine at risk, but the world for insisting on joining NATO in violation of the Belgrade Agreement, and then refusing to allow Donbass to hold elections while claiming Putin is against democracy is the ultimate hypocrisy.

Claiming Russians are torturing children is just over the top. Nobody, even Hitler, Napoleon, Stalin, or the Genghis Khan has ever tortured little children. Then for the Ukrainian doctor to order Russian prisoners should be castrated is a violation of every convention on war and confirm the hatred of Ukrainian Nazis to just exterminate Russians is alive and well.

It is this hatred that Zelensky is pouring out to the whole world that they are now even removing Yuri Gagarin’s (1934 – 1968)  name from history as the first man in space because he was Russian? He died in 1968. This is the real evil – raw hatred being created by this actor. When the final chapter is written, it is Zelensky who has torn the world apart deliberately. He keeps threatening World War III because of his hatred of all Russians which is why he refuses to allow the Donbass to separate.

Zelensky has sacrificed his own people for his hatred of Russian people and this deliberate absurd position of joining NATO and refusing to allow the Donbass to become an independent republic. Ukraine was merely a border drawn during the Soviet Union. This is not even about the sovereignty of a nation. Neither Crimea nor Donbass are occupied by Ukrainians – they have always been ethnically Russian.

Many in Ukraine feel Zelensky is a puppet of the CIA, WEF, or the Ukrainian Nazis depending upon who you talk to. What is clear, he has done nothing to prevent war and does appear to exaggerate everything constantly threatening World War III to create it. He wants to engulf the entire world because of his hatred of Russians – not Putin alone.



Those who support Zelensky should take a look at their children. Are you prepared to see them killed and their future destroyed for this actor in high heels pretending to be a world leader?


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