New York Prohibits Illegal Aliens from Voting

In a groundbreaking moment of enlightenment, New York lawmakers decided that only US citizens should be able to vote. “There is no statutory ability for the City of New York to issue inconsistent laws permitting non-citizens to vote and exceed the authority granted to it by the New York State Constitution,” wrote Staten Island Supreme Court Justice Ralph Porzio.

The recent ruling has blocked over 800,000 non-citizens from voting, accounting for nearly one in nine of the city’s voting-aged 7 million residents. The vote was approved with a 33-14 majority. Imagine visiting another country, perhaps living there for a month, and having a say in who they elect in positions of power?

The only requirement for non-citizen voters of age under this failed proposal would be that they are authorized to work in the US and have spent a measly 30 days in the city. They were pushing for this bill to pass by 2023 to infiltrate the 2024 US Presidential Election, among others. Mayor Bill de Blasio questioned the proposal but said he would not use his veto powers if the measure passed. Republican minority leader of the City Council Joseph Borelli told the Associated Press that the bill “devalues citizenship” as “citizenship is the standard by which the state constitution issues or allows for suffrage in New York state elections at all levels.” Borelli accused certain lawmakers of using the bill to infiltrate the voting process.

Non-citizens do not need knowledge of the English language, and they do not need to have any real understanding of the US election process. This law violates the Constitution so blatantly that there was bipartisan skepticism. It seems only the “progressives” were firmly in support of this measure since everything is racist in their bloodshot eyes.

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