Biden & Putin Duel with Words

President Vladimir Putin shot down the balloons claiming he would declare war on NATO, martial law in Russia, or announce a new major wave of military mobilization because Russia is losing. What is really sad is to find the total lack of any unbiased account from any mainstream media around the world whatsoever proving that the media is all behind this agenda to create World War III. They have been given instructions from their respective governments and how dare they offer any actual investigative analysis.

Most are reporting that Putin has merely recycled the same lines about his rationale for invading Ukraine nearly one year ago. They have ignored the entire Minsk Agreement or the fact that Zelensky told the press the day before the invasion on February 23rd, 2022 that Ukraine would no longer be neutral and was preparing to rearm itself with nuclear weapons. We invaded Iraq claiming that was what Saddam was doing when he made no such public statement.

They all pretty much reported that Putin offered no vision of how the war he launched might end. They have exonerated everyone in the West and Zelensky as some savior of Democracy when he outlaws all criticism of him at home and orders the Donbas will no longer be part of the Russian Orthodox Church but be subservient to his new Patriarch of Kyiv.

Putin’s only measured response was to announce that Russia is suspending its participation in the New START nuclear arms reduction treaty. Even that was merely a formal statement for he then said that Russia would not start testing nuclear weapons unless the United States did first.

What I have been reporting from reliable sources is that the view in Russia has shifted from a war with Ukraine to a war against the United States and NATO. Putin said:

“The US and NATO openly state that their goal is the strategic defeat of Russia,”
He added. “And what, after that are we just supposed to let them to travel around our (nuclear) facilities?”

“They want to inflict a strategic defeat on us and climb all over our nuclear facilities,” Putin said.

“So I’d like to make the announcement today that Russia is suspending its participation in the START Treaty.”

Still, Putin is not the war-monger that the Western Press is told to print. He has had 30 years to invade Europe and has not. The Russian people are not interested in conquering Europe. This is old Neocon propaganda stories that have been pushing the entire theory of Regime Change all along. They objected to Reagan’s meeting with Gorbachev and claimed back then that it was a trap and that Gorbachev should not be trusted.

Putin has demonstrated that he was not looking for World War III and made it clear that Russia is not withdrawing from the treaty entirely, only suspending participation. We must not forget that it was the United States claiming neutrality while sending arms to Britain using passenger ships that got the US into WWI. NATO and the US are by no means neutral, this entire Ukrainian War was begun in 2014 by the US’s interim unelected government in Kyiv which began the civil war and sent troops to invade the Donbas in 2014.

Joe Biden seems to actually think he will be running in 2024. The display for him in Poland with all the lights was clearly a ploy from Roman times and the light coming from the head of Sol to save the Roman Empire in its time of desperate need during the reign of Aurelian 270-275AD who built the Wall Around Rome to hold off the barbarian invasions. The Rays of light were to symbolize the Roman god Sol, the Sun, who rose every day and was thus invincible (SOL INVICTUS).

Even the Statue of Liberty used the same symbol – INVICTUS. Interestingly, this paved the way for Christianity for even our Christmas Day was the feast day of Sol. The lights behind Biden were deliberately placed for the very same message, that we will be INVINCIBLE. Biden was pitching his reelection in 2024 as well. He declared:

“The decisions we make over the next five years or so are going to determine and shape our lives for decades to come.” In that sense, he is correct. This will be a major war like no other before and it will indeed reshape the future. But the victory lap before the battle is typical to boost morale and convince people they are about to die for a very good cause.

Biden added: “The choice between chaos and stability, between building and destroying, between hope and fear, between democracy, [which] lifts up the human spirit, and the brutal hand of the dictator who crushes it.” All of this is propaganda. Putin is no more a dictator than any other world leader. In fact, we all live in a real dictatorship for Republics are the worst form of government ever conceived. Biden has never allowed the people to vote on this war. We are to die with no right to even object to this war.

The bias of the press is just amazing. Even Bloomberg wrote: “Putin falsely blamed the West for starting the conflict and said the Kremlin wouldn’t be the first to test nuclear weapons.” They simply refuse to even state the truth about anything. They ignore the fact that the West agreed to the Minsk settlement only to buy time confirming the West wants this war. The press all have their orders – whip up the people for World War III. The truth no longer matters.

Biden declared that Russia would never win the war and never addressed Putin’s remarks about suspending the treaty. He also threatened China declaring that he will sanction every company that supports Putin’s invasion. Biden has failed to consider any honoring of the Minsk Agreement and Xi Jinping has been trying to broker peace but Biden will have nothing to do with any peace agreement – he is reading his teleprompter and only wants war.

Biden has decreed all of this because the Neocons behind the curtain are demanding war – the ultimate goal they have been seeking since they stood against Ronald Reagan even talking with Gorbachev. They have opposed any relationship with Russia. They imposed sanctions on the export of pipe ever since Russia and Germany came to an agreement back in 1955.

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