The Rise of the Neocons

It is time, to tell the truth about what is really behind all the chaos and why our Government is pushing for World War III. People may talk and mention the Neocons. However, they do exist and they are by no means simply Republicans. In fact, this report traces their origins and their links extend back to the rise of Marxism and their origin was actually within the Democratic Party.

Nevertheless, the Neocons are really a third Clandestine Party that exists between both the Democrats and the Republicans. Who are they? Where did they come from? How are they now in Control? This will be a special report that is no doubt politically revealing to say the least. To everyone’s shock, it was the Neocons who started the whole Climate Change agenda to set in motion undermining the world economy to shift power for their grand design and to undermine Russia.

This special edition is to inform everyone who the real enemy really is. They have full control of the Biden White House and their agenda is in full swing. We have no right to object. They have already decided that will be World War III with the end goal of eradicating everyone they view as their enemy. There is so much more to this than meets the eye.

 This special report will be available by March.

We will Announce When it will be in the Store

The price will be $9.95 for we are all in this together

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