The Ukraine War has been in the Planning Stage since 2013

From the beginning, the United States provided $5 billion to fund the Ukrainian Revolution in 2014. The US-installed interim government launched the civil war against the Donbas on US instructions. Then in 2014, Obama signed a bill authorizing lethal aid to be provided to Kiev. Then in 2015, NATO Commander General Philip Breedlove favors military aid to Ukraine. The US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, John Kerry, and General Martin Dempsey of the Joint Chiefs agreed.



The West has been planning war against Russia using Ukraine as cannon fodder from the very start. The Neocons are a third party unto themselves. There are both Republicans and Democrats in their ranks. These people want war. They do not know how to exist without an enemy. Communism fell, but that did not matter. It was briefly replaced with the War on Terror. When they hung Saddam Hussein, they looked around and said – Ok who is next? Ah! Russia and then China!

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