The Biden Administration is Just Insane & Should Be Removed At Once

The threats from Biden that all the Russian Assets he has confiscated illegally from private Russians that he will hand to Ukraine is another example that demonstrates that there is nobody in the Biden Administration that understands anything about the world. The United States and Europe have countless private businesses that have assets around the world. Russia has announced if Biden and the EU do that, then they will confiscate all foreign assets.

All of this is because our world leaders have been bought and paid for by the Neocons where the dream has been to conquer Russia and the bankers are licking their lips all over again to get their hands on all the wealth of Russia. These Neocons are leading the world to its doom. They have already destroyed the world economy ending globalization. Our children will NEVER know the freedoms we grew up in. That is all gone. We are leaving our posterity nothing but memories of what used to be unless things radically change at the political level and that is not my opinion. There is not a single world leader who has bothered to question the narrative or to seek peace on any level. They are told this is a war to conquer Russia – period!


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