Who are the ‘Neocons?

QUESTION: Who are the ‘Neocons’?


In an essay you posted today* you say that the Biden administration has been bought and paid for by Neocons.

Could you tell us a bit more about them?  I understand you’ve said that many of ‘these persons’ come from a mindset of the Allen brothers of the 1950s (in the US), and others in England and France and, perhaps, Germany.

We know, of course, that the lead neocon in the Biden administration if Victoria Neuland.  Is Susan Rice among them, too?  Who are the others that so want to destroy Russia?  Are most Neocons also among the ‘woke’ crowd of the WEF?

Thank you.

Marty B

ANSWER: I have been told by many that I was sent here for a purpose during these end times. I have no idea about that. Yet, I do admit that I have been at the center of just about everything since 1973. Besides being called into just about every financial crisis since 1973 with the collapse of Franklin National Bank that started MasterCard, I have shaken hands and met so many heads of state and those seeking to be the head of state over the course of this life which has been interesting. That even includes face-to-face conversations with members of the Neocons.

The realization of the significance of the Economic Confidence Model has had governments around the world looking at our forecasts for decades. That does not mean they follow them. Even the people who hate my guts still read just to know what their hated enemy is saying now.

I have turned down plots to seize Russia, opening an office in a country and stocking it with girls for another head of state, and even turning down bribes from people in various governments including Ukraine. I have had front-row seat through everything even employees on both sides of the Ukrainian civil war.

Nevertheless, this has certainly never been something I have sought to add to my resume. As my old personal assistant had a little stick figure on her desk holding a sign – “Shit Happens!” I am risen to this curious spot in life by fate – never by design. Thus, I have avoided conspiracy theories because I have typically been in the middle and saw for myself hate was really going on.

So, here I have done a full report on who they are, how they began, and where we are going. It is just too much to do in a blog post. Some say I am putting a target on my back. I do not care anymore. I named my computer Socrates after when he was “canceled” during the Athenian Cancel Culture. Socrates’s words when sentenced to death have always defined my fundamental beliefs. I paid my respects to his jail cell in Athens. My paraphrase:

Death is either a migration of the soul to see all my old friends once more.

Or, it is like a midsummer night’s sleep. So peaceful never to be disturbed by a dream. How many of us have had such wonderful nights?

Go ahead, do your best.

This report will be out this week. It is now being edited.

$9.95 Downloadable

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