We Are on the WRONG Side of History With Ukraine

We Are on the Wrong Side of History Supporting Ukraine. We absolutely MUST end all support for Ukraine and demand the Minsk Agreement be enforced by the United Nations. Reports from both French and American soldiers who rushed there as mercenaries believing the propaganda of the Neocons against Russia have returned sickened by the fact that there is a very major problem in Ukraine with Nazis. We are becoming the 21st Century version of Hitler. Our press just reads the releases from the Biden Administration which is so WOK, has nobody qualified to be a dog catcher, and has allowed the Neocons to control US Foreign Policy. Even the Canadian sniper known as “Wali” returned to the horror stories of Ukrainian soldiers and corruption. As one returning mercenary put it that Ukraine is a “corrupt fucked up society.”


There are numerous accounts from returning mercenary soldiers about what is really going on. Ukrainians slaughtering Russians who surrender. I have videos so horrible of crucifying Russian soldiers and then burning them alive. Zelensky then wants to put out the bullshit that Russia is committing war crimes?



Anyone who dares to criticize Ukraine they call a Putin supporter. This is their standard tactic so that they can do as they like, paint Russia as evil, and lead the world into complete destruction. Everything we have achieved since World War II will be lost – PERIOD! People have to start demanding their stupid world leaders stop supporting this insanity and simply HONOR the Minsk Agreement. Ukraine was NEVER a nation. The People in the Donbas and Crimea are Russian and they have always been Russians


I explained that Romania is becoming a World War III training battleground for NATO. There are currently 40,000 troops on the ground throughout Eastern Europe, with more set to arrive. Recean said talks also covered regional security and that Moldova, which is highly dependent on Russian gas, was considering signing long-term contracts on gas and electricity supplies from Romania. Our Array on Romania does not look very good from 2025 onward and 2032 is a major event for that region. Romania and Moldavia are choosing the wrong side in this war and are risking their entire future rather than pushing Ukraine to accept peace.

The fraud of the West in negotiating the Minsk agreement openly stating it was to buy time for Ukraine to build its army demonstrated that the West is the aggressor and has wanted this war from the outset driven by the Neocon’s endless quest for regime change to rule the world themselves. Moldavia and Romania will no longer even exist post-2032. This is a disastrous forecast coming from our computer. Those readers in that region should consider alternatives to migrate while they still have time.



Ukraine is losing and here is Zelensky saying that the United States must send their children to fight for his corrupt government acknowledging they will die there.

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