Is Zelensky the Anti-Christ?


A lot of people are writing in asking interesting questions about Zelensky. I seriously doubt he will be remembered with any respect by history. Indeed, Zelensky is by no means a world hero. He deceived Russia by pretending to promote peace to get elected and the Ukrainian people, but certainly not the world. He is the Dark Angel of Death spreading nothing but death and destruction for the entire world all because Ukraine refused to honor the Minsk Agreement that would end this war in 15 minutes and save the sovereignty of Ukraine. But no! The hatred of Russia is so intense, he is willing to totally destroy Ukraine all for the chance of creating World War III just to destroy Russia.

He is a sick psychopath who is most certainly a  person who engages repeatedly in war criminal activities with his fake sirens and plots to drag in the entire world. The behavior of this sick individual demonstrates that he not only has zero remorse or empathy for those he has victimized even in his own country for he has sent to their deaths, yet now as he is losing he puts out propaganda to desperately drag in the entire world. Any news organization that supports Ukraine should be abolished and stripped of its license. Any advertiser supporting this FAKE NEWS is a co-conspirator with not just the FAKE NEWS, but the Neocons leading us to World War III and the major destruction of Western Civilization.

Many are calling Zelensky the AntiChrist since he is “hailed by the globalists and their corrupt media as a great leader.” He is certainly the devil for he is only trying to lead the world into the horrors of war over territory that historically has never been Ukrainian and certainly Ukraine was never even a country before 1991. Many readers are also pointing out that Zelensky engages in a bi-sexual activity, but that cannot be confirmed. I understand the allegation when he dances around nude and in such a manner in women’s high heels.

Some claim that Zelensky’s name numbered algorically=18…3 6s=18. Others have written in asking if his name is 666 in some ancient language since in English it would be 446. We MUST cut off Ukraine from any funding which is now TWICE that of the entire military budget of Russia. We have politicians like Joe Wilson who needs to be impeached. They should be removed from office as a clear and present danger to the American people. To even propose to put a marble bust of Zelensky in the Capitol next to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson shows just how insane this has become.

Zelensky used FTX to launder money back to the Democrats to fund their reelection. Every single member of Congress who has supported Ukraine MUST come clean regarding all their political donations. Ukraine is the MOST corrupt government on the face of the planet.  We now need to weed out all those who have been bought and paid for. FULL DISCLOSURE  NOW!

Biden should be IMPEACHED to save the nation. He is the puppet of the Neocons who only seek death and destruction. Consequently, Biden is without question a clear and present danger to the United States and the entire world. Anyone in Congress who supports Zelensky, Republican or Democrat, should be called to account for all their finances as well. Ukraine is the most CORRUPT government in the world! The corruption scandals there right now are beyond belief. Any Ukrainian who supports this man deserves NOTHING!

They argue he is a homosexual Jew and an atheist who married a Christian and had his children baptized. He dances around nude acting outrageously and is a disgusting role model even for his children no less the world. And this is our hero? That is all true, but I thought the Anti-Christ was supposed to be someone the Jews accepted as their Messiah. I looked it up: Jesus said: “I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him.” John 5:43. I am not a religious or Biblical scholar. So I am not qualified to really speak on this subject.


Zelensky has ZERO remorse and ZERO respect for anyone’s life whatsoever. April 17, 1965, was the largest Anti-War Protest against Vietnam. You could be drafted at 18, yet you were too young to drink or vote but not to die. I lost 2/3s of my high school friends to that nonsense. They died so Vietnam can now be the strip-club capital of the world.

What our government did then was so unconstitutional for those people who died had no right to even vote on whether should we be at war or not. Once again, Biden is doing the very same. They are changing the draft codes to now include girls. He has now waged World War III against Russia with no vote from the people. He is a disgrace to the idea of a free society and needs to be IMPEACHED.

If Zelensky is not the AntiChrist, he is doing a hell of a good job acting out the role. This psychopath should be overthrown by the Ukrainians to save their own lives. What do they stand to gain by conquering the Donbas where they would only abuse the Russians there anyway as they did in Odesa, treat them as scum, and systematically exterminate them just as they did to the Polish, Hungarians, and Jews during World War II, which even horrified the German-Nazis.

I cannot comment on if he is the AntiChrist. He certainly seems to be worshiped globally pretending to be standing for Democracy and Peace while preaching World War III. That is just not my expertise when we get into religious prophecies. All I can say is that he is certainly leading the world to its doom. He seems to be a real live psychopath and the perfect man for the job in high heels for this age when we no longer even know what a woman is.


Go ahead, try to draft our young girls and boys and lead them to the slaughter for this demon. This TIME the anti-war protest of April 17th, 1965 will be nothing by comparison to 2023. Our computer has been projecting major civil unrest. I would not be surprised if people even brake through the gates of the White House and this time they might see a real insurrection on Capital Hill. It is time to flush the toilet and flush Ukraine down the drain to save Western Civilization as a whole. World War III could be avoided in 15 minutes – honor the Minsk Agreement and bar all Neocons from Capital Hill. The people of the Donbas have a human right to vote on their own sovereignty. Even in a divorce, a judge will ask a child which parent he would prefer to live with. We owe that to the Donbas.

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