Ukraine Hacks Russian TV Saying Russia is Nuked


Ukraine is the master of Psychological Warfare. They hacked a Russian TV station to broadcast that Half of Russia has been Destroyed. They dream of killing every Russian from their Nazi Ethnic cleansing days of glory. It states:

“Nuclear strike has been conducted, please go to the shelter, take your calcium iodide pills” 

Red alerts in several regions of Russia were broadcasted via TV and radio in a suspected cyber attack. They want Russia to attack NATO. They pray for that in their church where they seem to worship the Devil.

Just honor the Minsk Agreement, and stop trying to destroy the Donbas. It was Kyiv that started this civil war. The country cannot stand as one. It will NEVER be resolved until Ukraine honors the Minsk Agreement.  Ukraine is the most CORRUPT government in the world. The West MUST end this stupidity now! Biden wants to raise our taxes to fill the pockets of his corrupt Ukrainian cronies as well as his high-heel dancing puppet.

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