The Banking Crisis is Global – Not Confined to the USA


The Biden Administration is responding to the panic phone calls that their Marxist philosophy will bring down the entire financial system. My ear is red as can be. I have had enough of the phone calls today to last the balance of the month. Trying just to do the right thing! Three banks have effectively gone down in the week of March 6th, which our computer was targeting. There have been Silicon Vally Bank, Signature Bank, and Silvergat Bank.

The Regulators perhaps saw the handwriting on the wall. This NO BAILOUT claiming that no taxpayer money will be used for a bailout of their hated rich, how about just using the taxpayer’s money you are throwing down the train in Ukraine?  Depositors in Signature and SVB they are now saying would be made whole. If they do not cover ALL deposits, the monumental banking failure will be catastrophic.

Our forecast for a Banking Crisis is by NO MEANS confined to the United States. It will be far worse in Europe. We can see our computer not only targeted 2023 for a key turning point with a Directional Change but a Panic Cycle next year in bank stocks, but interest rates will be rising higher as also the risk of banks and governments escalated especially when they insist on waging war against Russia.

The yield curve is critical and we must understand that this insane war against Russia, even economically, will be a major financial disaster not much different from Vietnam which brought down Bretton Woods and forced Nixon to close the gold window on August 15th, 1971. It was that unrestrained spending directed by the Neocons. Then too, it was all about Russia they assumed was behind Vietnam.

Once more, the reckless spending on war promoted by the Neocons is undermining the entire economy. They have lost every war they have promoted – Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, proposed Syria, Libya regime change, and now Ukraine. These people are never held accountable for all the devastation and the lives lost.

War is the primary driver of inflation and the central banks will not even address it for they do not want to “criticize” the Neocons. They might wake up with their dog’s head in the bed as in the Godfather. The central banks will NOT be able to contain this inflation or ever reach their 2% target regardless if the economy turns down just as what happened during Vietnam.


This is a warning to all small banks. Understand the REAL trend or you will NOT survive. Major capital is fleeing the long-term and rising into the short-term because they see rates are rising and any long-term bond investment during a period of war is going to be a major losing trade. Do not get trapped by the yield curve and understand that this trend is in play into 2025.

This Banking Crisis has been caused by Governments who artificially kept interest rates too low since 2008 and in the process, this banking crisis is unfolding because too many banks are UNSOPHISTICATED in forecasting and have been listening to the talking heads on TV and the desperate hope that inflation will decline while ignoring Ukraine entirely. Get that wrong – and you will NOT survive.

I strongly urge small banks to take our business services for access to real forecasting that is not biased or tarnished by human opinion with the two most dangerous words in forecasting:





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