Tik Tok v WEF

A lot of people have bought into the idea that Tik Tok should be banned because a Chinese guy started it. The argument seems to center on the idea that China can be tapping into everyone’s phone and somehow influence them against the government I suppose. While I find this a very ironic position when in fact the US does that and every APP the government has a backdoor. They are even arresting people based on APPs that tell them where people are right now.

But all that aside. There is an organization that is foreign and not American that is DELIBERATELY dividing the country and seeking to indoctrinate the next generation with their FOREIGN philosophy. It is Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. This is FAR MORE dangerous than Tik Tok and it is INTENTIONALLY doing what the conspiracy theories about Tik Tok are claiming.

How About Banning All American Universities from being Subordinated to the World Economic Forum?


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