Biden Ridiculed Russia’s Threat to Form an Alliance with China (1997)

Neither this speech nor Joe has aged well. On June 20, 1997, Joe Biden laughed at Russia’s threat to form an alliance with China if NATO were to expand into Eastern Europe. Joe told a Russian advisor to try Iran if China turned them away. Now in 2023, Russia has formed an alliance with both China and Iran. It is safe to say our politicians, who were in office then and remain in office today, continually underestimate foreign powers.

Biden’s speech and mannerisms are completely different today and indicative of a serious mental decline. His current behavior today is far beyond typical aging, and having a senile senior with access to our nuclear codes is a threat to world peace. But he loves ice cream so everyone on the left laughs it off.

Putin was Yeltsin’s deputy-in-chief at this time of this speech, and Bill Clinton was the president of the US. Baltic states were lining up to join NATO back then, which threatened Russia’s national security. Biden insisted that Russia would have no alternative but “to look West.” This was one of the original plans to infiltrate Russia and install a pro-Western leader. The United States attempted to interfere in the Russian election a mere two years later, which you can read more about in my upcoming book: “The Plot to Seize Russia.” I will make an announcement on the blog once the book is available for purchase.

As for Biden’s speech, we have seen the alliances form over the past year. Chinese President Xi Jinping declared a “no limits” partnership with Russia weeks before the invasion of Ukraine. Iran is supplying Russia with weapons and hoping to align with Russia and China. The BRICs partnership remains strong and China brokered a peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Perhaps the West has poked the bear one too many times.

Here are Joe Biden’s current thoughts (or lack thereof):

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