Trump & the Risk of an Indictment


QUESTION #1: Marty, What is going on over there in America? It looks like the country has completely lost its mind. Indicting Trump over such a stupid thing when our politicians over here have open mistresses and in France, you have the head of state who married his high school teacher. How about Berlusconi in Italy who married a 32-year-old? We have a war on our doorstep. Is this some planned distraction so they can start World War III? We are laughing at America over this craziness.


QUESTION #2:  It looks like this indictment of Trump is precisely what Socrates has forecast. Then a major swing into 2026. Could that be a Trump victory as a backlash against this indictment? I think they are making Trump a symbol of absolute political victimization. The videotapes from January 6th show that were all blown out of proportion with the Democrats calling it an insurrection while the police had walkways set up and escorted the guy with the horns to the podium. What hypocrisy! Then there are videos of Hunter Biden with lines of cocaine where anyone else would be in prison. Just unbelievable how corruption is surfacing.


ANSWER: It is hard to say. Some people hated Trump and already have declared him guilty. They are such fools for what goes around, comes around. It is these very people who are destroying the United States. Pelosi is a total fool who honestly does belong in jail for corruption.

I know a lot of Democrats who are not really happy about this at all. We don’t know for sure the charges yet. As they stand now, it is just insane. This may now have serious implications for prosecutors around the country can view this as fair game to start prosecuting politicians just as he says – haul in Pelosi and Hillary for starts. Everything is now on the table.

This represents the total collapse of the American Legal System. Bagg has crossed the Rubicon that can be so damaging to the United States and the world by undermining the confidence in the entire government. The rule of law has collapsed.

These charges as we know them, are a novel theory at best. What if Trump takes them on, goes to trial, and wins? What will that do to the Democrats altogether?  That scenario would probably ensure he returns to the presidency. This, I fear, the Neocons will escalate the war on a fast track for they may end up in jail themselves as enemies of the state and treason if Trump gets back in.

This is what I mean. Socrates can project trends we do not even think about. I do not care what they say, the last election was rigged. They had to get rid of Trump (1) for this whole climate change agenda, and (2) so the Neocons could start World War III. None of this would have happened if they did not remove Trump. Not that he was this fantastic guy, there are far worse people in Washington. He fired all the Neocons when all they wanted was war – Bolton & Hill just for starters. The Neocons had to remove him and anyone who thinks they cannot rig the votes is a fool. This was certainly not the first time. Removing Trump was way too important for their agendas. We would not be facing World War III if Trump was still there. That is not a statement against Democrats. It is the Neocons who seized control because Biden is too old and too corrupt.

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