Neocon Always Lose – But They Are Never Down for the Count

QUESTION: Marty, I am really in shock. You put out the Ukrainian Model and stated in your March 6, 2022 post a year ago:

“I have warned that our Model of Ukraine was turning down as of January 6th, 2022. However, in addition to this, we are approaching also the 31.4 years (Pi Cycle) which will be April 6, 2023. This will be a very critical period looking ahead. “

I search your site and found that back on June 19, 2019, you also laid out that international war was likely 2024-2027. On your private blog, the week before Russia invaded you said they would invade and it was right on the turning point.

I don’t know how you discovered Socrates. If anyone deserves the highest possible prize for contributing to society, it has to be you. Will you do a book on how in the world you achieved this incredible ability to forecast years in advance?

ANSWER: Cyclical analysis requires understanding that we are ALL CONNECTED and that every action in the world set in motion a reaction and we CANNOT judge the future based on someone on what the Fed says or some domestic politician. This is 31.4 years from the birth of Ukraine. Zelensky is a puppet contrived by the Neocons. All they ever want is war.

If I were president, I would exit NATO ASAP, and order them all arrested and charged with treason. They should be hung as they did to Saddam Husein if found guilty. They are evil people who sent 58,000 Americans to their death in Vietnam and how many millions have they killed all around the world? NATO is a warmongering organization. If there was actually peace with Russia, NATO would be pointless. That is why they are truly a Terrorist Organization for they will act in their own self-interest and that required war to keep their jobs.

All of my sources are REAL! When I said Ukraine lost 100,000, I got hate mail saying I was putting out Russian propaganda. To all other people, I think you need to go see a shrink and ask him WHY you are so susceptible to government propaganda. Make sure you take off your COVID mask so he can clearly understand what you are saying.

I am not selling anyone’s agenda. My role is to simply relay what Socrates has laid out. This is NOT my personal opinion so wake up. We are facing the most Uncerty perhaps is modern human history.  Do not think for one second that the Neocons have been defeated. They completely control the White House and they are NOT going to surrender so easily. They are the ones who stages the chemical attacks in Syria to try to use that to justify invading the country as they did in Iraq. They were caught red-handed at that time creating false flags, but nobody is ever prosecuted.

Remember when they wanted to kill Americans and blame that on Castro to justify a US invasion? Or 911, when I know for a fact that the first World Trade Center Terrorists drew the building on the wall of their cell with planes going into them. They even charged their lawyer, Lynne F. Stewart, for passing notes. The government knew the plan and let it happen to ensure they got the Patriot Act. To cover up their connection with Jeffrey Epstein to blackmail high-level people, I posted “When will Epstein be found Dead? Before or After a Deal?” (July 25th, 2019). I know how these people operate. They tried to kill me. I was in the hospital in a coma, but to their dismay, I survived.

Don’t worry, the Neocons will stage a false flag to make sure World War III begins. They are turning their attention to China already. As long as they pull the strings that make Biden their perfect puppet, they are not down for the count yet.



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