Stormy Daniels Forced to Pay Trump’s Legal Fees

Stormy Daniels, the ill-advised Jezebel, has been ordered by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to pay Donald Trump’s legal fees. Daniels would not have chosen a career in on-camera prostitution if she were smart enough to extort a former president. Someone is advising her behind the scenes. In this particular instance, Daniels attempted to sue Trump for defamation for a tweet he posted depicting her ex-husband alongside an unknown man who she said was threatening her to remain silent. The judge completely dismissed this case from 2018 as her “argument that the fee request is unreasonable and excessive is not well-founded.” She has been ordered to pay $121,000 in legal fees on top of hundreds of thousands that she already owes Trump.

The media is painting Stormy Daniels (born Stephanie A Gregory) as this innocent victim who fell prey to a powerful man who she said seduced her. Consider the source. I will not post some of her most recent tweets on this blog as they are too foul to share, but you can view them for yourself. She has used this scandal for personal gain through book sales, merchandise, and even sex toys. She has appeared on many major talk shows and the leftist media has applauded her for speaking out as if she were the victim.

Daniels met Trump in 2006 but decided to go public when he announced his presidential bid. She claims to have spent numerous nights with Donald on her own free will despite claiming to be disgusted by him. In her own words, they had sex once and no money was exchanged. Trump denies the affair entirely.

It is not illegal to pay for a nondisclosure agreement. The issue here is they are claiming Trump violated the law by using campaign funds to silence this vulgar woman. They claim that his lawyer threatened her. The people using her to pin charges on a former president are discrediting all women who have been victimized. Where is the #MeToo crowd? The American legal system is allowing a porn star to interfere in our elections blatantly and without question. This has to be one of the most absurd and obscene cases in American history.

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