Why Trump’s Indictment is an Absurd Abuse of Power

Bragg has seriously exposed the core of real immoral prosecution practices that really have to stop. Let’s say you made one phone call and defrauded someone out of $100,000. You will be charged with (1) count of wire fraud. However, let’s say you had to call the person 34 times to get the same $100,000. The prosecutor will then charge you with 34 counts of wire fraud. Now let’s say the penalty is 5 years in prison. So if you called 34 times for the same amount of money,  the judge could then sentence you to 170 years claiming it is his “discretion” to run them all consecutively.

Bragg charged Trump with 34 criminal counts connected to the payment of $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016 as part of a nondisclosure agreement that was intended to keep Daniels from exposing their 2006 affair. Those charges are all various counts of filing false business records in the first degree, which could carry a sentence of up to four years in prison per count. That’s a crime that is normally a misdemeanor that can ONLY be upgraded to a felony if the alleged fraud is meant to cover up another crime.

This is where the ABUSE of power becomes self-evident. The other crime, in this case, is a federal campaign finance violation for which Trump has NOT been charged and Bragg would have no jurisdiction to charge. The indictment claims that Trump allegedly committed the underlying fraud as part of an effort to boost his chances of winning the 2016 presidential election.

So, to put this in plain layman’s terms, he is effectively charging you for something like buying a bullet in NYC, that you used in Paris in some attempt to kill someone but you are not being charged with that because you cannot be in the United States.

It is an ABUSE of power to take a single incident and turn it into multiple crimes all because of multiple emails and phone calls. This is standard abuse that all prosecutors engage in to try to force people to plea for a reduced sentence or risk going to jail for life. The legal system in the United States is in NO WAY fair, equitable, or even constitutional. Our legal system is so corrupt, we make a Banana Republic look like the leader of freedom and liberty in the world.


This was our Forecast back for the 2016 election. Out of 4 models, 3 of the computer models forecast that Trump would win and one was tied. Our computer had also forecast that BREXIT would win against all odds. Trump would have won and just as the Democrats swear the 2020 elections were NOT rigged, then neither was 2016.

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