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Bud Light chose a transexual man who often dresses as a little girl to represent their brand. People are voting with their dollars and boycotting the cheap beer.  Distributors for Anheuser-Busch have stated that businesses already began to cancel orders over Easter weekend. Beer Business Daily noted that despite limited data as the ad campaign is new, Anheuser-Busch “took a volume hit in some markets over the holiday weekend, particularly in rural areas, which consist of their higher share markets.”

Why is corporate America alienating a large portion of its customers in favor of the woke agenda? Are people that stupid? Dylan Mulvaney, the new face of Bud Light, has accumulated countless brand partnerships for pretending to be a girl. Nike is so woke for hiring Dylan, so let’s forget that they offshore their manufacturing to bypass child labor laws.

Dylan’s content is beyond disturbing, such as dressing up as the 6-year-old character “Eloise” or playing with Barbie dolls to appear as its “inner child.” A 26-year-old (born XY) should not be mentioning “girlhood” or cosplaying as a CHILD. And the White House has repeatedly invited this person to speak on the woke agenda, praising him for being proud and brave. In the video below, Mulvaney immediately mentions “trans children,” as if children have the mental capacity to make such an extreme life-altering decision.

This gibberish is grooming and child abuse in plain sight. Someone must protect our children. Woke parents are pushing this ideology on their children for attention. A child would not be allowed to get a tattoo for self-expression unless the parents consented. We deem castration and genital mutilation a problem in countries throughout the third world but call it “gender-affirming care” in the US. The extreme left is confusing the next generation of impressionable children and the parents often have no say in what goes on at public schools. The problem is that the woke ideology wants to distort our version of reality. The nuclear family is seen as a radical ideology. Live your life as you please behind closed doors, but shoving it down our throats as a new norm is a deliberate act to destroy traditional values. They have already killed the American dream but now they are dancing on its grave–completely shameful.

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