Iran Uses Digital Surveillance to Freeze Bank Accounts of Women who Refuse to Wear Hijab

Brave women in Iran have been defying the hijab law despite the risk of death. The Iranian government is now installing cameras throughout the nation to see who dares to defy their orders. Those found guilty will be fined 2.5 billion rials ($60,000) and their bank accounts will be frozen. Iranian women have been protesting throughout the nation since September after a 22-year-old girl named Mahsa Amini died in police custody after she refused to wear a hijab.

Canada’s PM Trudeau began the trend of freezing protestors bank accounts after he invoked the Emergencies Act during the Freedom Convoy. Trudeau even targeted people merely associated with protestors. Iran is employing the same tactics as the government plans to shutdown businesses who permit women to enter without a hijab. The government has the ability to message citizens via text as soon as they see them defying laws. This is far worse than anything Orwell imagined.

The Western left thinks they are so oppressed and our top leaders refuse to acknowledge women exist, saying they cannot be properly identified. Simone de Beauvoir popularized the term “The Second Sex” in her book by the same name, pleading for women’s rights. The French writer said that men were the default while women were simply “other.” Women could not even open a bank account in America until the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974. Women no longer exist in the West, according to the disturbed media and politicians, and women elsewhere face death for not adhering to laws implemented by men.

Governments want us to move to a CBDC so that they can immediately freeze our finances and track everything we do. They may not implement hijab laws in the West, but they could track whoever is behind on boosters, anyone who supported an unpopular politician, or any deemed a nuisance to the new world order.

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