Le Pen Criticizes Meloni – Encourages France to Leave NATO

“I’m not Meloni’s twin sister, I remain faithful to Salvini,” French politician Marine Le Pen said in regard to the Italian PM. Le Pen condemned Italy’s Meloni for supporting NATO and the EU, and while she condemns Russia’s actions in Ukraine, she does not believe that the proxy war should continue. Le Pen said that European countries should remain “Eurosceptic” as there is clearly a larger agenda at play that does not consider individual nations.

She also said that she is convinced France should leave NATO immediately and cease all weapon exports to Ukraine. Why?

“I would do everything possible for France to promote a peaceful resolution of the conflict. For one simple reason: I don't see any other valid solutions.” “Or Russia – continues Le Pen – wins the war, and it would be catastrophic because all the countries that have a territorial conflict will think they can solve it with weapons. Either Ukraine wins, and this would mean that NATO has entered the conflict, and thus the beginning of the Third World War. It doesn't seem like a happy prospect to me. Or, we will continue to supply Ukraine with weapons and then we will find ourselves facing a new Hundred Years War which, given the human losses, would be a tragedy.”

This is the exact problem. No one is going to “win” this war and World War III is imminent as NATO continues to embed itself in the conflict. All NATO leaders are abandoning their domestic policies in favor of an international one that does not benefit their respective countries in any way. This entire proxy war the entire world is now fighting is merely a ploy to eliminate Russia and end fossil fuel production. I discuss these topics in depth in my book, “The Plot to Seize Russia,” which my publisher is currently working on completing. I will let everyone know once the book is available for purchase in the coming weeks.

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