Chicago Prepares for Second Weekend of Mayhem

Hundreds of teens stormed the streets of Chicago last weekend, wreaking havoc on the crumbling city. People were assaulted, shot, there was countless property damage, and Mayor-Elect Johnson completely sided with the criminals. Johnson made excuses for their bad behavior, and while a few arrests were made, Johnson has done absolutely nothing to prevent this from happening again. There are now calls across social media for a “part two” this Saturday since these kids know that they can get away with actual murder.

Ald. Ray Lopez of Chicago said the police were completely overpowered last weekend. “It was a complete breakdown of leadership in the department for not having a plan, not knowing how to execute containment, and not getting those individuals who are committed to acts of violence and disrupting life in the city of Chicago and extricating them from the situation,” said Lopez. There are no laws restricting this behavior and the politicians refuse to acknowledge how big of a problem these “teen mobs” have become.

Let us also not forget that cops in blue cities are reluctant to act out of fear of being “canceled” or fired because crime is part of the woke agenda. The left is attempting to create civil unrest so that they can promise to fix the problem during their next election. The local government does not support efforts to curtail crime and the police cannot create laws. Gun control is strict and many people cannot adequately defend their families against these violent mobs. Biden has been silent on the topic because he does not want to admit that American blue cities are no longer safe.

In the video below, a witness said cops ignored pleas to help a couple being brutally beaten by a crowd of teenagers. She took them to the hospital since an ambulance was not on the way–first responders cannot keep up and are afraid. There is no “good guy with a gun,” cops, or anyone coming to help. These kids have been taught to believe that their neighbors are the enemy, and they truly believe they are the victims.

“Chiraq” is another crime-ridden city under a Soros-backed DA (Kim Foxx). Chicago certainly does seem like the perfect location for the DNC for the 2024 election since it is a prime example of what happens to blue cities that are light on crime and strict on gun control. Some estimates believe up to 1,000 youths gathered at Millennium Park last weekend, and the unofficial “Purge” may grow because these extremely disturbed individuals want to see how far they can go. Their leaders and school curriculum have brainwashed an entire generation into believing they are victims of an unjust society and deserve to act out their rage on others. You get what you vote for and the people voted for pro-crime politicians. Who thought it could get worse than Lightfoot? In fact, Lightfoot refused to call the situation “mayhem.”

“The vast majority of the young people who came downtown came downtown because it was great weather and an opportunity to enjoy the city. That’s absolutely and entirely it,” Lightfoot said. Unbelievable! 

Stay inside this weekend if you are unfortunate enough to live in Chicago.

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