“They” Explained

People often ask who I am referencing when I refer to “they.” THEY are the leaders of the pack; the neocons. They are the people who create endless wars and use the people as their toy soldiers for war games—we are the toys.

None of these wars affected our way of life and we had no need to be involved in Ukraine, Vietnam, Afghanistan, you name it. But they will create false flags to bring us into wars. It may be a conspiracy but it is not a theory. They conspire to create these wars and use fake news. There were the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that never existed. The sinking of the Lusitania that propelled us into World War I was intentional. Former President Johnson admitted that Vietnam never attacked us, and leading neocon Robert McNamara admitted before his death that America was wrong for condemning Communist nations. But he died with the guilt of sacrificing 58,000 American lives on the neocon altar of war.

The neocons have a theory that a regime change will save the day. They demonize the head of state and convince themselves that people will cheer once that individual man is overthrown. Saddam, Gaddafi, the list goes on. They think they can overthrow these leaders and simply install a democracy. The problem is that we do not have a democracy; we have a republic. We cannot vote on whether we go to war or if we want to die for the neocons.

They are the aggressors and the ones who created the current conflict. They are on both sides of the political aisle and are installed in positions of power throughout the world. They create division internally to promote civil unrest so that they can elect the person of their choice who will claim to solve the problems they created. They want to create digital currencies to control everything we do while plundering what they allow us to have. They are pushing society as a whole to a breaking point, and unfortunately, their next war game will not end well.

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