The Dangers of 5G

The Environment and Cancer Research Foundation (ECRF) reported three incidents of otherwise healthy people developing microwave syndrome after 5G towers were installed near their homes or places of work. Microwave syndrome is a condition that can occur when people are exposed to high levels of electromagnetic radiation. These radiations operate at a frequency of 300 MHz to 300 GHz and, as the Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports noted, there is “no previous research on possible negative effects on human health and the environment.”

One study from October 2022 did expose rats to 5G radiation of 3.5 GHz for only two hours a day, five days a week, for one month. They dissected the brain tissue of the test subjects and found notable changes. “Our results indicate that 3.5 GHz RFR causes changes in the energy metabolism and appetite of both healthy and diabetic rats. Thus, 5 G may not be innocent in terms of its biological effects, especially in the presence of diabetes.” The rats also experienced decreased irisin levels (a hormone correlated with weight loss and cognition) and their brain neurons began degenerating in the hippocampus region of the brain, which is responsible for memory.

The harmful effects of 5G have not been exposed; it has been labeled a “conspiracy theory” so that no one questions what this radiation is doing to our bodies. The American Cancer Society even admitted in 2020 that 5G towers may have side effects, but they were not sure. “Most expert organizations agree that more research is needed to help clarify this, especially for any possible long-term effects,” the society concluded. The  International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization, admitted in 2011 that 5G towers were “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

We know these towers have the potential to cause harm but no agency is seriously looking into the consequences. There are organizations, however, without a large platform that are attempting to ask governments to assess the dangers of these networks. We do know these towers are putting out dangerous levels of radiation, but per usual, we are the test subjects will not know the repercussions until it is too late.

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