A Young Biden Said His Opponent Was Too Old for Office

Neither Biden nor his words have aged well. In 1972, over 50 years ago, Biden was on his way to becoming the youngest US Senator. Biden’s main argument against his 63-year-old opponent Cale Boggs was that he was simply too old to run for office. Biden’s team back then reiterated that Joe “understands what’s happening today.”

“Cale Boggs’ generation dreamed of conquering polio, Joe Biden’s generation dreams of conquering heroin,” read one newspaper ad ironically since Joe Biden could not conquer the problem of heroin within his own household. “To Cale Boggs an unfair tax was the 1948 poll tax. To Joe Biden an unfair tax is the 1972 income tax,” read another, which is also ironic since Biden has continued to raise taxes on all Americans to support his frivolous spending. His political attack also included mentions of the then-Soviet Union. “One of the biggest differences between Cale Boggs and Joe Biden is the things they worry about,” said the radio ad. “In Cale Boggs’ day when Stalin ruled, Americans had visions of the Russian soldiers in our streets. In Joe Biden’s day, Americans have visions of American criminals in our streets. Joe Biden, he understands what’s happening today.” Now Biden promotes criminal activity as violence runs rampant in blue cities across America.

There are those fortunate enough to retain their mental capacity as they age. I have relatives who were close to 100 who showed no signs of mental aging, albeit the physical is impossible to avoid. However, Biden began showing signs of mental deterioration in his 70s if not earlier. He will be 81 during the next election and 86 by the time his second term ends.

Politicians should undergo a mental fitness test prior to requesting to lead the nation. Trump was older during his term but sharp as a tack and underwent a mental health assessment. Trump, despite age, is sharp and an excellent debater because he exudes confident and is quick on his feet. If Joe were put through the media bombardment that Trump experienced, he would be in a catatonic state in his basement in Delaware.

Other countries see our weakness as the man holding the reins of power is mentally incapacitated. Joe cannot even hold a press conference to address the people and only speaks in pre-recorded interviews with his wife propping him up so he doesn’t fall over or wander away from the camera. Does the left hate the right enough to push a man with dementia into power after a disastrous first term? If so, is the left prepared for the repercussions?

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