The Insanity of Bitcoin & CBDC

QUESTION: Just about every Bitcoin advocate says you are wrong and Bitcoin cannot be stopped. Yet, it seems they are dreaming. Here in Europe, we are already restrained by the maximum cash transaction is €1000. Do you maintain that cryptocurrency will be outlawed or seized?


ANSWER: Yes. Here is  Lagarde on digital currency. She states this object is “control” everything you do. Europe is a Marxist Paradise. Everyone is an economic slave and whatever they earn belongs to the state – not them. The state will decide how much you are allowed to keep. I really do not understand these Bitcoin people. They put out all of these theories as if Bitcoin is the savior. These people are out to control EVERYTHING. Do you really think they will allow any cryptocurrency to survive?

I don’t think these people read the memo. Government is broke. They will default on all their debts. And the new monetary system they are planning is total control.  Lagarde says they are “considering” no controls on €300-400 transactions. “CONSIDERING” means as it stands now, there is 100% proposed control – period! They will be able to restrict what you are allowed to spend money on or even donate if donations will even be allowed other to their state party.

These Bitcoin people would NEVER be hedge fund managers. The first question you must ask yourself is: What if I am wrong?

They have made up their mind, refuse to consider any other scenario, and in the process, they will have a very rude awakening. We are entering a period of COMPLETE TOTALITARIANISM as we move toward 2032. Governments are losing control in this Private Wave and they then fight back to survive like a cornered animal that will fight to the death.

That is the agenda! What do they not understand? They will impose capital controls. They always do. That will mean that they will have no intention of allowing people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. They will most likely do that as well when it comes to gold and silver as well. Perhaps a black market in precious metals may exist with a supply that cannot be increased. They might even seize gold mines

The entire purpose of the CBDC is to impose COMPLETE capital controls. So how will you buy and sell anything that they deem to be a threat to their totalitarian world? That is what is coming. All the fools who voted for Biden and will again deserve the world these people are creating. They intend to make RESISTANCE FUTILE. In the process, the right to vote will vanish.

Trump won in 2016 and John Kerry called it “populism” not Democracy. They WILL terminate our right to vote in the years ahead because our vote will no longer be defined as democracy – but populism, which is any movement against the establishment.

Schwab is telling you that Democracy will be terminated. Pay attention. Listen carefully to the report by the FT and how the election of Trump scared the hell out of career politicians. They will never allow Trump to win in 2024. They will assassinate him if there is no other way. The propaganda was that the 2020 vote was real- that was a joke. The Deep State was not going to let Trump win and they control the vote counts.




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