GOP Hopeful to Challenge 26th Amendment

Potential GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is proposing to amend the Constitution, which in itself does not fall within party lines. The Constitution is not a suggestion but a standard for life in this nation. The 26th Amendment allows all adults over the age of 18 to vote for their representatives. Ramaswamy believes that only people over the age of 25 should have the right to vote, with a few exceptions.

There is a “long-standing tradition in our country, tying civic duties to the privileges of citizenship,” Vivek stated. On this premise, he proposes allowing adults under 25 to vote if they have served in the military for a minimum of six months or work as first responder as a police officer or firefighter. Others under the age of 25 could take a civics test, similar to the test provided to naturalized citizens if they’d like their voice to be heard. Well, the problem is you then cannot draft them to die in foreign wars with no right to vote. Rome use to have a requirement that you had to be a property owner to even serve in the military. The idea was if you had something to lose, you would defend the country.

Some young students understand politics in greater depth than older generations. The youth may tend to vote blue, but that should not give any GOP candidate permission to silence their voices. These young adults will still be expected to pay taxes and adhere to laws implemented by their government leaders. Yet another reason why it is absurd to tax teens under the age of 18 who have no say in their representation. This policy would open the door to blocking out the votes of other demographics. Should the elderly reapply for voting rights? Should everyone be required to take a civics test? Politicians already have to beg the people to show up on election day.

The young 37-year-old candidate could have appealed to the youth in other ways. I have no problem critiquing candidates on both sides of the aisle since half of them are swimming in the same swamp. Taking away rights and amending the Constitution to tilt the election is a poor proposal.

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