Gold & the Future

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, first I want to thank you for your independent analysis. In gold, all they ever say is buy – buy – buy. It seems if you ever say anything else, they ridicule you. Gold to them is a religion, not an investment.

My question is that you have always said that the fourth challenge to a high is when it breaks out. Do you expect that this year?

Thank you ever so much


PS: Was that you at the Premier of Pandemic3?


ANSWER: We still have a barrier of overhead resistance at the 2160-2180 level and some at 2200. After that, the next resistance is around 2600. Keep in mind that Ukraine is the MOST untrustworthy country on the planet. Already arms provided to Ukraine have been used in the attacks inside Russia. The F16s will be used to attack Crimea. All they will do is spread their hatred and they are deliberately trying to create World War III. They will create a false flag to attack a NATO country and claim it was Russia. They have been desperately trying to capture a Russian missile so they can fire it at Poland.

Our computer shows NOTHING but war ahead, especially from 2025 onward. But for now, expect the volatility to begin to rise again from June into next January. INFLATION will NOT subside. It cannot when we are at war. Biden will spend whatever he is instructed by the Neocons.

Yes, I was at the Premier in Austin, Texas. That is me in the background.

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