You Have No Idea – Thank Fake News

QUESTION: Hi, Russia seems so far to lose the war in Ukraine with relatively low tech weaponry. How do you see things turnaround according to Socrates?
What cards do they have left?
Russian Airforce has been rather inactive so far? Nukes?
Scary and dangerous world with war mongers all over the political landscape.

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REPLY: Russia is not losing the war. That is all propaganda from the US/Ukraine to keep the money flowing. I have reported before that a few French soldiers who had volunteered to help Ukraine left in disgust. They were creating war crimes shooting prisoners, and torturing others, but they were selling US weapons on the black market. Even the Canadian sniper known as “Wali” returned to the horror stories of Ukrainian soldiers and corruption. As one returning mercenary put it that Ukraine is a “corrupt fucked up society.”

You have no idea what is really going on. Only after the fact when all the missing weapons during the Afghanistan War were appearing on the black market in the United States did Obama finally wake up to the real shit-show and why Washington loves endless wars – they steal money from everywhere. Then CNN only reported all the missing weapons that somehow never made it to Afghanistan



The Pentagon has NEVER passed even one audit – EVER. Even NPR reported on that issue. Remember when Secretary of State Rumsfeld promised an investigation admitting the Pentagon managed to somehow lose $2.3 trillion from its budget? This was the day before 911. This would have been a massive story during that time, but it was completely forgotten the next day as the entire world witnessed the attacks on the Twin Towers. Miraculously, a plane supposedly crashed into the very room at the Pentagon where all the records were stored. Friends from Congress ran over and did not see a plane.

Now the very same thing is going on with Ukraine. Here is the first REDACTED Inspector General Report on missing arms to Ukraine that if it turns out to be the same as Afghanistan, rocket launchers may appear on American streets.


Anyone who believes anything about this war put out by Ukraine, the United States, or the EU, is an absolute fool. As I have said, the very first casualty in war is ALWAYS the truth. Russia is NOT losing the war. More than 8 million Ukrainians have fled because Zelensky destroyed their country when he was elected promising peace, and is only looking forward to relaxing at his estate in Miami when the Neocons tell him he can leave. They have to pretend Ukraine is winning or the money flow stops and Washington needs to start another war somewhere – they are addicted to the loose change they get to pick up.



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