The African Peace Plan is Doomed

The neocons are the only ones thirsting for a world war. Putin has been pleading for peace or any form of conflict resolution. South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has been discussing a plan to broker peace between Russia and Ukraine and has called on China’s Xi Jinping for support. The details of the African Peace Plan have yet to be released, but it is backed by South Africa, Uganda, Egypt, Senegal, Zambia, and the Republic of Congo. South Africa is looking for China’s support before presenting the plan to Zelensky.

The war has only exacerbated the issues faced by African nations, as food and fuel prices have soared. “We have been talking about as African leaders because we concluded that that conflict in that part of the world, much as it does not affect Africa directly in the form of deaths and destruction to infrastructure, it does have an impact on the lives of many Africans with regard to food security, the prices of fertilizers have gone up, the prices of cereals have gone up and the prices of fuel,” Ramaphosa said.

South Africa is extremely concerned that the war will affect the BRICS alliance, as is China. No one outside of the neocons of the West wants to enter a global conflict. Other nations have been focusing on economic growth and repairing their economies from the disastrously orchestrated pandemic.

President Xi Jinping commended the initiative by the African continent and acknowledged the impact the conflict has had on human lives and on food security in Africa,” the presidency statement said. The stage has been set with the players on each team now aligning. The nations that do not align with the West are offering Ukraine a last chance to side with them and end this chaos once and for all. The problem is that Zelensky is a puppet of the neocons and has no intention of ending this war, which he is personally profiting on. Russia has also come too far to back down. Is Russia expected to retreat, abandon the territories they deem Russian, and pay billions in reparations to all of the nations who funneled money to Ukraine? It will never happen.

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