The Program that Locked Down the World

COMMENT: Marty that was a fantastic interview with Kim. You should have added that people in the British government who opposed the lockdowns gave you the Gates-funded program to review. You said it was a child’s game like SimCity. You are way too modest. You were a decade before everyone with AI. I was there at your 1985 WEC. I remember the delegations from all the OPEC countries and the groups in white dress. It was a memorable event.


REPLY: Thanks. Yes, 1985 was memorable. I was also a lot thinner back then and I still had some hair. So many people have come to me from around the world for so many different trends and crises it’s hard to remember them all. As I have always said, I was trained by my clients. They opened my eyes to see how the world functions by everyone pursuing their own self-interest exactly as Smith’s Invisible Hand states, but on every level right into government.

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