NATO – The Greatest Threat to Europe & the World

We have all seen those videos of Killer Whales playing with their prey before killing it. This is sadly what is taking place with NATO. All these people do is promote war. Russia has no intention of invading Ukraine. It was indeed a special operation to secure the Donbas. NATO knows that but constantly pretends that Russia wants to invade and take back all of Eastern Europe if not the entire Europe.

NATO is placing the entire European population at risk. The very pretend organization that was formed to defend Europe when Russia was the Soviet Union seeking to spread communism by force to the entire world is now Europe’s greatest threat. There is no credible evidence that Russia has ever sought to retake Eastern Europe no less all of Europe. But NATO will never tell the truth because if that statement is correct, then there is no real purpose to NATO – Communism fell in 1989 and the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Nevertheless, NATO is now also opening up in Japan expanding its jurisdiction to now include Asia. So Europeans will be drafted and sent to war for Taiwan?

Meanwhile, we have warmongers cheering that the NATO “exercise” dubbed “Air Defender 2023” went “live” as a show of force against Russia and it should actually enter Ukraine and destroy all Russians. Allied air forces began the largest deployment exercise in NATO’s history on Monday (June 12, 2023). Twenty-five nations are taking part in the two-week-long “Air Defender” exercise, with around 10,000 personnel and 250 aircraft. Of course, Sean Bell of Sky News is advocating that NATO should be the aggressor and launch World War III all for the Donbas which has been Russian for centuries all because of an administrative border drawn by Khruschev. We should all lose our future, our cities should be destroyed, all because some people just outright take pleasure in killing other people. This hatred of Russians seems to be systemic in the minds of these warmongers.


Our computer is not showing anything starting World War III. But the week of July 17th into August is far more serious. These people who gather at NATO are playing with the lives of everyone to exercise their power. As I have warned, no matter what government, once you hand ANY power, they will always ABUSE IT. Let’s hope that someone survives to record the names of those who plunged the world into World War III and they will be remembered along with Hitler.


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