Fetterman and Biden – Why We Need Cognitive Tests for Politicians

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I-95, a major roadway going through Philadelphia, collapsed. People were understandably concerned and looked to their elected officials for answers. I cannot imagine a more inept team than Biden and Fetterman. Some joke and mock the two men, but if you step back and really look at what is happening within the Democrat Party, it is completely astonishing. This is why confidence in America is declining rapidly.

When will everyone agree that the Democrats have gone too far? I am not mocking these men for having cognitive impairments, but they are completely unfit to serve their country. They would step down gracefully instead of clinging to power if they actually loved their nation and cared about the people. Cut off the puppet strings. In no other profession would people turn a blind eye to this behavior. A teacher could not stand in front of a classroom and mumble through a lecture spouting nonsense, and a businessman could not attend a meeting and forget his speaking points. No one could turn up to work in a sweatshirt and shorts to be relatable, as they would not be taken seriously. This is not acceptable. Do the people voting for these characters realize they’re in charge of making major decisions that affect our society? Look at Dianne Feinstein and others who refuse to relinquish their seats even though they cannot serve.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is demanding both term limits and cognitive tests for politicians. She wants politicians over 75 to receive these exams, but ALL should be subject to one. You could not serve in the military or serve your community without a clear mind. I have long stated that permanent politicians must be removed from office. They are leeches to our society and serve no purpose other than serving themselves and their donors. Haley’s comments on cognition tests for those over 75 were also intended as a jab at Donald Trump, who is now 77. “ANYBODY running for the Office of President of the United States should agree to take a full & complete Mental Competency Test,” Trump said in response. We must question those who believe that the people are not entitled to know if their leaders are fit to serve.

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