The Most Expensive Climate Initiative in US History


Five years ago today, Greta’s handlers announced that the world would end on this precise date. All of humanity would be wiped out entirely. Yet, here we are. Climate change has become the ultimate tool for governments to funnel money. Biden announced on Monday that the US will spend nearly $600 million on climate change initiatives. No one voted for this money to be allocated toward changing the weather, and hundreds of areas desperately need attention and funding, not to mention the massive debt crisis. Not so coincidentally, this utterly unnecessary funding package will allocate most of the budget to blue states. This comes a few months after Biden sent ONE BILLION to the United Nation’s Green Climate Fund.

“The funding will support innovative coastal resilience and adaptation solutions, such as building natural infrastructure, planning and preparing for community-led relocation, and protecting public access to coastal natural resources, that protect communities and ecosystems from sea level rise, tidal flooding, hurricanes, storm surge, among other severe climate impacts,” the Biden administration commented. No amount of money in the world will prevent hurricanes, storms, or naturally occurring weather events. I have posted about how the likes of Obama and others who cry about climate change have beachfront properties since they know it is a lie. So where is this money after tragedy strikes? It takes states months to rebuild after a hurricane, landslide, or other natural disaster because the money is funneled through countless organizations where everyone takes a slice of the pie.

This is a significant amount of money; Americans should be outraged. The largest climate package in American history occurred under Biden in August 2022, with a price tag of $430 billion. It helped absolutely no one. There are no checks and balances. Biden is spending taxpayers’ money on a fake initiative with no end in sight.

Most importantly, Biden is set to meet with his donors this week who support and profit from climate change initiatives. The POTUS is blatantly using federal funds to secure donors. How is it legal for a sitting president to campaign with taxpayer funds?

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