Kennedy Gains Traction

The Democrats said they would not host a presidential debate, so Robert F. Kennedy is starting his own. All eyes are on Kennedy right now after appearing on Joe Rogan. Rogan was accused of spreading misinformation by having Kennedy on his show, so he offered money to anyone who could disprove what was said. Numerous donors have thrown money in the ring, and RFK’s team said the presidential candidate would happily appear on the show again to support all of his claims.

Elon Musk also hosted RFK on Twitter and held a public conversation covering controversial statements that the mainstream media refuses to report. Kennedy is calling out the establishment and the status quo. Big pharma, COVID, big tech, the woke agenda, intelligence agencies, and even the war in Ukraine is being questioned for the first time. I must say no other presidential candidate is this outspoken about topics that are totally dismissed as conspiracy theories.

RFK is a strong advocate of the first amendment. “The constitution was written for hard times and remedy for bad speech is more speech. It is not about cutting people off once you give the government the power to silence its critics, it then has license to commit any atrocity…the whole foundation of American democracy is we get to talk to each other about anything we want. We get to criticize our government,” Kennedy said during an interview.

RFK is piquing the interest of everyone in the middle who is not far left nor right. Kennedy knows that his life is in danger for publicizing his views. He knows that JFK was assassinated and has stated numerous times that it could happen to him too. The mainstream media will never report on the topics that RFK is covering. I am becoming increasingly impressed with his ideas – he’s someone to keep an eye on.

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