Pentagon: $6.2 BILLION in Ukraine Aid Missing Due to Accounting Error

The nation was distracted by the 24/7 news coverage about the submarine that went missing while cruising around to see the Titanic. It seems that there is always a big news story put forth on days when undesirable information is released. We know the entire conflict in Ukraine was planned many years ago (see: “The Plot to Seize Russia”). We know that Biden is in bed with Ukraine – bought and paid for. Now, the Pentagon is admitting that “due to accounting errors” they LOST $6.2 BILLION!

Did the money go to contractors? Politicians? Ukraine? The government refuses to say. Deputy Pentagon press secretary Sabrina Singh explained that they originally thought $3 billion went missing, but the figure they are admitting to the public is closer to $6.2 billion. “We have confirmed that for FY23, the final calculation is $3.6 billion, and for FY22 it is $2.6 billion, for a combined total of $6.2 billion,” Singh said. “These valuation errors in no way limit or restricted the size of any of our PDAs or impacted the provision of support to Ukraine,” she added as if taxpayers think that we aren’t doing enough for a foreign nation when America is a desperate state.

Everyone should be outraged. That is a HUGE sum of money that this indebted nation cannot afford to misplace. This entire situation reeks of corruption. If this happened under Trump, there would be a never-ending investigation from every angle. If you or I paid a penny less on our taxes, they would hunt us down with the full force of the law. That money was taken from hardworking Americans who pay their taxes. No taxation without representation is a faraway dream. WE DESERVE ANSWERS.

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