Forecasts & the ECM

I remember you writing more than once last fall that the week of Nov 9th was targeted by the computer for something significant. That week was the elections, which I think everyone focused on. However, FTX also collapsed that week, which is pretty significant. You have yet to take credit for this great prediction.
Thank you so much for your work, you are a true humanitarian.
Respectfully submitted,

REPLY: These forecasts are not my personal opinion. There are just so many such forecasts it becomes overwhelming to try to point out every single one when the model is covering the entire world. I am working diligently to do the book on the Economic Confidence Model and all I can hope is that with a track record of such forecasts since the 1970s, just maybe, people will open their eyes and understand we cannot manipulate society for political gain when we are all connected. No politician can eliminate unemployment when the world is in a depression.

I am trying to document the turning points historically. I have gathered all the people who have discovered cycles in EVERY field. Only in economics have cycles been rejected because economists and politicians want to pretend they can manipulate the world. That is what Klaus Schwab is trying to do right now.

I hope to have this book out with the first edition for the attendees of the WEC come November.


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