Neocons Pushing for Nuclear War NOW!



The most notorious Washington Neocon, Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC), and his equal Neocon on the Democratic side, Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), have introduced a Resolution in the Senate in hopes of justifying World War III stating that if Russia, or one of its Proxy Belarus just as Ukraine is our Proxy, detonates a Tactical nuclear bomb inside Ukraine, or if something happens to the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant causing radiation leakage, then they want to use nuclear weapons and are saying they will completely annihilate Russia. They are calling that “an attack upon NATO” claiming that radiation would spread to Europe,  triggering a full-blown nuclear war.

So, if Russia uses a small tactical nuclear weapon, then NATO and the USA are justified in obliterating Russia where the nuclear fallout would wipe out much of Europe and spread to China. So using their logic, China would then be justified in nuking the United States.

The whole problem here is to listen to their threats. They make it sound that the West can obliterate Russia and they are somehow powerless to retaliate taking out Washington, London, Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris, Rome, and of course, the cancer destroying the world – Kyiv.

The Donbas was supposed to have a free election. It has been occupied by Russians for hundreds of years. If China invaded Guam or the Philippines, the US would likewise claim they have an obligation to protect Americans living there.

Graham is just a vile man who is consumed with hate and his mission in life is to destroy Russia at any cost even if he destroys the future of Western Civilization.

Our government NO LONGER represents the people. It represents only the Neocon agenda. Our entire future and our way of life are to be destroyed all because they hate Russians and want to kill every last one of them. It is Ukraine invading the Donbas occupied by Russians for centuries – not the other way around.

Meanwhile, that nuclear plant they claim if it leaks any radiation Graham wants to use that as the excuse to start World War III. Russia captured that early during the war. Obviously, they should now turn it off, and export the uranium back to Russia since that is now an excuse to start World War III. South Carolina, if you do not demand to impeach Lindsey Graham, you are going to be responsible for the destruction of Western Civilization.


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