Climate Change Lockdowns Are Coming?

QUESTION: There has been talk that Trudeau will use the fires to claim a climate crisis, and that will justify lockdowns again. Is there any truth to these rumors?


ANSWER: There is definitely the idea of using climate change to justify lockdowns. However, this is really not for climate change but for crowd control. They are well aware of the rising discontent civilly, which historically produces revolution. They are pushing for world war III for two reasons.

First, it will be the excuse to default on all sovereign debt as they are also attracted to the Schwab-Soros solution of a one-world government. If that is the case, then all previous sovereign debt will be null and void. The United States did that with the debt of the Continental Congress when they created the United States. That’s why you can collect the revolutionary currency that was never honored.

Secondly, they fear revolution is in the wind. In order to prevent that from taking place, they need to restrict all travel, censor social media, and lock us down using climate change as the excuse.

You may not know it, but at the Paris climate summit, they REFUSED to allow anyone to testify who disputed their agenda. That was the start of this Cancel Culture. The Guardian published the truth, perhaps ahead of schedule. There are those pushing for lockdowns every two years to meet the Paris requirement of ZERO CO2. Everyone’s future is to change, and they never ONCE allowed anyone to ever vote on this agenda. These people understand that civil unrest is on the rise. They desperately need a diversion. Russia is providing that for now.



Will people support this war against Russia and draft people to go to Ukraine? Will that be the turning point? Are you willing to send your children or yourself to fight for Ukraine over the Donbas, which is the home to Russians, not Ukrainians, for hundreds of years when it does not impact our lives? They know there will be resistance. If it is too great, you will suddenly see the need for climate change lockdowns.


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